Coalition against AB1509 – Blocking AB1509 at Assembly Appropriation Committee


May 21, 2021

For Immediate Release

We are excited to announce that AB1509, which would reduce by 90% the possible sentence enhancement of convicts committing crime with firearm, is held in the suspense file of Assembly Appropriation Committee!  May 21st is the fiscal deadline for this legislative year and any bill not coming out of Appropriation yesterday is dead.  AB1509 is one of the most disastrous bills of this legislative year, and would have rendered California uninhabitable.

Under this proposed legislation, a sentence enhancement for a firearm used during violent felonies would be reduced from a potential 10 years to one year; discharging the firearm during violent felonies would be reduced from 20 years to two years; and discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury or death during violent felonies would be reduced from a potential of 25 years/life to just three years.  AB1509 would even be retroactive, that means numerous convicts of gun violence would be released from jail or have a much shorter sentence.

Frank Lee, President of Organization for Justice and Equality (OJE), stated, “We really appreciate the cooperation of all our supporters, allies, and everybody.  We especially appreciate the leadership of California District Attorneys’ AssociationAB1509 simply emboldens people to use firearm to commit crime.  This is a big victory for California!  We need to continue to work together in thwarting any pernicious bill affecting public safety.”

“We also appreciate the chairman and committee members in Assembly Appropriation Committee for putting SB82 in suspense file for good.  We thank the legislators for paying attention to our concerns and request,” Lee added.

Vien Pierson, Chairman of California District Attorneys’ Association (CDAA), wants to thank citizens especially Frank Lee, OJE, and Chinese Americans for the efforts, “AB 1509 and SB 82 are two very reckless bills.  They would have made all Californians really unsafe.  They were only defeated by the strong support of citizens especially Chinese Americans.  The California District Attorneys’ Association thanks all of them for their support.”

Greg Gotten, Executive Director of California District Attorneys Association (CDAA), encouraged everybody, “This is the result of great collaboration among citizens, CDAA, and victims’ families.  It proves that our hard work together will bear fruit.”

Our coalition encourages Californians to stay alert on all issues related to public safety and continue to stand up firmly with us against any baneful bill in this regard.  Decriminalization often goes the opposite direction in combating crime.  Again, the defeat of both AB1509 and SB82 represent vital victories for all Californians!

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dominickleeCoalition against AB1509 – Blocking AB1509 at Assembly Appropriation Committee