Coalition against SB82 – Stopping SB82 at Senate Appropriation


May 21, 2021

For Immediate Release

We are excited to announce that SB82, which would downgrade many robberies to misdemeanor, did not come out of Senate Appropriation Committee yesterday and is dead now!  This is the most calamitous bill of this legislative year, rendering California uninhabitable and having no support from any media in California.  Now everybody breathes a big sigh of relief.  This is a big victory to Californians!

Senate Bill 82 (Skinner), which would make all robberies (theft by force or fear) into misdemeanor “petty theft” unless the robber uses a weapon or inflicts great bodily injury (GBI).     By removing the felony consequence, this bill would encourage thieves to commit robberies, and would discount the physical injury, emotional trauma and financial toll inflicted on victims.

Frank Lee, leader of the coalition and President of Organization for Justice and Equality (OJE), stated, “We really appreciate the cooperation of supporters of OJE, of our allies especially California District Attorneys’ Association, Asian American Prosecutors’ Association, California Narcotic Officers’ Association, Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, Crime Survivors, Inc., Business and Housing Network, Silicon Valley Chinese Association, and McNally and Temple, as wells as of the supportive media friends.  SB82 simply emboldens people to rob and endangers everybody!  This is a big victory for California!  Let us continue to work together in monitoring and thwarting any baneful bill affecting public safety.

“We thank everybody and especially appreciate the chairman and committee members in Senate Appropriation Committee for putting SB82 in suspense file for good.  We thank the legislators for listening to the voices of our community,” Carl Chan, President of Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, stated.

Greg Gotten, Executive Director of California District Attorneys Association (CDAA), encouraged everybody, “This is the result of great collaboration among citizens especially Asian Americans, CDAA, and victims’ families.  It proves that our hard work together will bear fruit.”

“Women, seniors, and Asians will be the most vulnerable under SB82.  We are so happy that this terrible bill is blocked,” Dan Pan, board member of Business and Housing Network, said.

Decriminalization often goes the opposite direction in citizens’ combat against crime.  Protecting law-abiding residents properly should always be a top priority for California legislators.  Our coalition encourages Californians to stay alert on all issues related to public safety and continue to stand up firmly with us against any pernicious bill in this regard.

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dominickleeCoalition against SB82 – Stopping SB82 at Senate Appropriation