Contributed to the passage of Proposition 13


Our coalition urged California voters to vote “Yes” on Proposition 13 in the Election of June 8, 2010.

The passage of Prop 13 will provide that construction to seismically retrofit existing buildings will not trigger reassessment of property value, regardless of the type of building.

By eliminating the unequal treatment of different types of properties which undergo seismic safety improvements, this proposition promotes equity and fairness among taxpayers and encourages property owners to upgrade or improve for earthquake safety.

This proposition also eliminates a substantial workload for the State Board of Equalization and County Assessors since all seismic retrofits are treated the same.

The voting result in California Senate was 37 vs. 0 while in California Assembly was 78 vs. 0 in favor of Prop 13 resoundingly and emphatically. Prop 13 was indeed a “no-brainer” and was passed in the June 2010 election.

dominickleeContributed to the passage of Proposition 13