Dramatic reversal to obtain the permanent ban of commercial marijuana in Milpitas


Council Members of Milpitas unanimously approved, in the public hearing of November 20, 2018, to completely ban the commercialization of marijuana in the city on a permanent basis, instead of reconfirming an approved proposal to open up ten pot businesses in the city. About 98% of the over 400 participants of the public hearing were against commercial marijuana. Council members then approved a set of local ordinances for the permanent ban on December 19, 2018. Our coalition applauds the decision and appreciates their respecting the wills of their constituents.

This is an incredible great victory for the citizens of Milpitas and everybody against recreational marijuana! Mobilization of citizens and hard work were vital. Our strategies especially “ban or recall” were successful. In a democratic society, legislators should vote or decide based on the wills of the voters who elected them originally.

This miraculous reversal reflects that assiduousness and tenacity would produce good results. Citizens should never give up and should stay alert of the development of lawmaking and public policy formulation at least for their own city, in an attempt to protect their families and future generations.

In accordance with Prop 64, each city can decide on whether to have recreational marijuana and thus citizens should keep fighting against marijuana which is proven to be pernicious in different cities. Department of Justice can take action against recreational pot any time and citizens can take legal action against marijuana companies based on federal law RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) if their property value is lower, their business is affected, or their quality of life is degraded, due to marijuana operations.

California desperately needs to approve a new set of laws pertaining to DUI-Marijuana so as to specify a legal standard as to what exactly constitutes driving under the influence of marijuana. Now, without such standard, suspects can rather easily avoid conviction. Thus, recreational marijuana, which allows patrons to consume pot at marijuana outlets, can easily cause disastrous traffic accidents!

dominickleeDramatic reversal to obtain the permanent ban of commercial marijuana in Milpitas