Helped to Block the problematic Federal Immigration Reform in June 2007


We have worked with various organizations and legislators to block the Federal Senate bill on Immigration Reform. This bill, if passed, would have led to the elimination of most existing family reunion immigration categories retroactively. The bill was successfully blocked in June of 2007.

Organization for Justice & Equality believes that this Senate proposal is inhumane, unjust, barbaric, and unwise. It is inhumane since if passed, this bill would have created many broken families. Many legal residents especially Asians would permanently not be able to reunite with their family members. It is barbaric because all the immigration applications after May 1, 2005 would be canceled. This would greatly hurt the reputation of our country.

Talented people would not want to immigrate to the U.S. if they could never reunite with their family members. We would be losing a big advantage in the aspect of attracting talents. The percentage of Asian population in this country would be smaller if this bill was passed, affecting Asian Americans both politically and economically. Asian Americans would be even more vulnerable and discrimination might aggravate. Thus, every Asian American should oppose to this proposal.

Attached is a joint statement by our coalition.

dominickleeHelped to Block the problematic Federal Immigration Reform in June 2007