Huge success in blocking illegal drug injection centers in California (AB186)


Our coalition applauds the decision of California Governor Brown to veto AB186 which, if passed, would allow the City of San Francisco to open up illegal drug injection centers so that drug addicts can bring in Schedule I illegal drugs for injection by City staff. That would open up the door to legalization of all illegal drugs and set a precedent for the country. We urge citizens to stay alert and work assiduously together against this disastrous proposal if it ever comes back again. It may come back in 2019.

We have been taking the lead in the Bay Area in this decisive battle against drugs for a long period of time putting in numerous hours. For example, our supporters have sent thousands of letters to the governor urging him to veto AB186. This case reflects that unity, tenacity, and diligence are vital.

As stated in the veto announcement by Government Brown, “law enforcement, drug court judges, and some who provide rehabilitative treatment – strongly disagree that the “harm reduction” approach envisioned by AB186 is beneficial.” We concur with these experts. The main excuse of AB186 is reducing drug overdose death. But the Vancouver example reflects that this excuse is wrong. The drug overdose death in Vancouver, according to British Columbia Coronary Service, increased about 10 times in 9 years (from 38 in 2008 to 366 in 2017), after the opening of the illegal drug injection center which instead caused all kinds of criminal activities in Vancouver particularly drug trafficking and robbery.

Governor Brown reiterates that “enabling illegal and destructive drug use will NEVER work.” This should be the defining statement in the concluding chapter of this “illegal drug injection center” circus!

The Department of Justice vowed on August 27th to take swift and aggressive action against any opening of such center since it seriously violates federal law. We urge San Francisco leaders to be responsible to both City employees and voters — to terminate any effort along this line now.

Even if the very unlikely scenario occurs, that is there is neither federal nor state intervention, victimized businesses and residents would likely file lawsuit(s) from different angles against illegal drug injection centers if they are ever opened, particularly based on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO).

Our coalition will continue to work diligently together to ensure that illegal drug injection centers cannot be opened in an attempt to protect our society and future generations. Enabling illegal and destructive drug use will never work. We cannot allow any sort of legalization of the pernicious Schedule I drugs.

Below is the link to Governor Brown’s veto statement:

Attached is our press release with detailed reasons against illegal drug injection centers.

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dominickleeHuge success in blocking illegal drug injection centers in California (AB186)