Must Continue to Oppose to co-ed bathrooms and showers


In an attempt to preserve fundamental interests in privacy, maintain public safety, and establish continued uniformity in building codes, we have been in a coalition of parents, students, nonprofits organizations, and faith groups launching an initiative — the Personal Privacy Protection Act. We took the lead in the Bay Area.

Our coalition was successful in obtaining over 620,000 signatures to put this issue on the ballot of California — no co-ed bathrooms and showers. However, in our opinion, due to the lack of impartiality of many election offices, many of our collected signatures were regarded as invalid. We are still in litigation now to uphold justice and eventually put this initiative on the ballot.

The initiative requires that a person uses restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and showers in accordance with his/her biological sex in all governmental buildings and facilities. It also protects private businesses from being sued or prosecuted for requiring its employees or customers use facilities consistent with their biological sex.

There is a growing political movement that seeks to remove the distinctions between the sexes. One of the methods is to coerce governments and businesses to open politically correct restrooms and other facilities. The initiative seeks to maintain fundamental zones of privacy and safety in intimate settings.

While we do not discriminate against anybody, we maintain that the rights on individual privacy and safety must be respected. The three most important reasons for our actions include:

1. Personal privacy in intimate spaces  Co-ed bathroom represents a regression of our society and even mankind. It lowers our moral standards and is unacceptable! Individual privacy is indeed momentous.

2. Safety issues  Public restrooms are already a major source of sex crime. Sex predators hiding in female restrooms will have the benefit of the doubt if co-ed bathrooms are allowed.

3. Stop the threats of prosecution and lawsuits  The initiative will also protect businesses from being sued for simply providing restrooms based on biological sex.

In addition to standing firm against politicians who proposed co-ed bathrooms and showers, we should also boycott companies pushing for this type of facilities such as Target.

Suffice it to say, we continue to urge everybody to support our campaign for yourself and future generations. We must be determined in opposing to co-ed bathrooms and showers which represents major regression of mankind!

dominickleeMust Continue to Oppose to co-ed bathrooms and showers