Urging U.S. Attorney General to enforce the law against illegal drug injection sites now


U.S. Attorney General’s Office would possibly make a concise statement on illegal drug injection sites soon, more likely to the drug gang’s favor.  Such virtual legalization of all illegal drugs in the nation will be disastrous and decisive!  We all desperately need to urge US President Joe Biden and US Attorney Merrick Garland to enforce the law against the sites now.  Currently, there is no federal invention against the two newly opened injection sites in New York.  San Francisco Mayor and Board of Supervisors also approved on 12/14 the purchase of a 6.3 million property to open the injection site despite warning letters from California Police. 

We strongly oppose to the baneful illegal drug injection sites which allow the purchasing/consumption of Category I Prohibited Drugs including but not limited to opium, fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine, paving the way for eventual full legalization of all illegal drugs!  This is blatant violation of both the federal and the state law with calamitous consequences!

Please write to President Biden and U.S. Attorney General Garland immediately and tell your friends to do the same, demanding Biden and Garland to enforce the law against illegal drug injection sites instead of trying to make the law themselves.  A sample letter and their addresses/emails are attached.

Based on the experience of various countries, illegal drug injection site causes big increase in drug overdose death, drug trafficking/addiction, and crime.  For example, Vancouver, after eighteen years of operations of such a site, had an approximate 1,000% increase in drug overdose death as reflected by the statistics of British Columbia Coroners Services.  Similar situation also happened in Europe and Australia.

The fundamental problem is that there is no requirement for drug addicts to have drug treatment after getting injection at the site and thus the proposal actually encourages drug addiction.  The vicinity of an injection site usually becomes a center of drug trafficking and consumption with rampant criminal activities rendering it repugnant and uninhabitable (war zone).  Crime, especially robbery, and drugs are inevitably and closely related.  Vancouver Chinatown, within walking distance from the Vancouver injection site, becomes a “ghost town” in which many retailers even fail to get insurance coverage.

Drug addicts injected with fentanyl, which causes violent behavior, are serious threat to both ordinary citizens and police officers.  The sites would also increase drug addicts’ chance of contracting covid 19 and reduce the chance of full recovery.

Former California Governor Jerry Brown (Dem) sided with us and vetoed a California injection site bill in 2018 and reiterated, “After great reflection, I conclude that the disadvantages of this bill far outweigh the possible benefits….I repeat, enabling illegal and destructive drug use will never work.”  He judiciously maintained that more efforts and resources should be put on drug treatment instead.  Attached please also find his strong veto statement.

To reiterate, please definitely write to both U.S. Attorney Garland and U.S. President Biden now urging them to enforce the law to block all injection sites instead of trying to make the law.  Again, this is imperative and decisive for our state and our nation!

Sample Let to US AG strongly opposing to illegal drug injection sites I Address and Email of Biden and Garland
dominickleeUrging U.S. Attorney General to enforce the law against illegal drug injection sites now