Vote Yes on Prop 20 to stop serial theft and violent crime


Definitely vote Yes on Prop 20 and galvanize people for it

Prop 20 in November 2020 Election is great news for Californians!  It is pivotal in our fight against crime and violence.  Please definitely vote Yes on 20 and tell everybody to do the same.

This is a bipartisan and long awaited proposition, solving many of the problems of Prop 47 and Prop 57.  We have obtained more than 600,000 signatures to put Prop 20 on the ballot.

After the passage of the baneful Prop 47 in 2014, stealing or robbing anything below $950 has been virtually allowed.  That has plagued California for six long years, causing us billions of dollars.  It is a known secret now that people carry a calculator to steal or rob.  California is one of the worst five states in this aspect.  Among the top 20 big cities in the country, San Francisco is the worst in terms of property crime.  It is about time we do something.  Prop 20 is the solution!  Prop 20 will stop serial theft.  Anybody getting caught a third time for stealing anything over $250 can be charged for felony (even though the first two times it can still be $950).

We are firm but also compassionate.  The judge can send the convicted person to diversion under some circumstances.  For example, if he kept stealing due to drug addiction, he can be sent to drug rehabilitation program instead.  Upon completion of such program, he can even apply to expunge the felony record.  This kills two birds with one stone, taking care of both the serial theft and the drug problem.  Nobody will be sent to state prison due to Prop 20, repeated offenders will be sent to local jails which are much less costly.

Moreover, many violent crimes are now considered ‘nonviolent’ in California due to Prop 47, causing considerable increase in such crime.  Under Prop 20, 21 types of crimes will be reclassified back to be violent crime including but not limited to drive-by shooting, assault with a deadly weapon, bombing with the intent to kill, hate crime, trafficking a child for sex, raping an unconscious person, and felony abuse of senior citizens and children under 8, so as to enhance deterrence and stop violence.

The previous downgrading of violent crimes has caused early release due to Prop 57.  Furthermore, AB 109 does not allow the Board of Parole Hearings to consider the inmate’s entire criminal history, but just his most recent committed offence.  That is a big mistake.  Prop 20 would allow the Parole Boards to consider the entire criminal record of the inmate to make the right decision.

Finally, Prop 20 would reinstate DNA collection for certain crimes that were reduced to misdemeanors due to Prop 47, thus increasing the chance of solving serious crimes such as murder and rape.  The solving of about 60% of serious crimes is attributed to the collection of DNA from criminals involving in drug crimes and property crimes.

Prop 20 was initiated and is led by California top leaders in law enforcement, business, and public safety.  Our president, Frank Lee, is a leadership committee member and the Bay Area Director of Prop 20.  Attached is the list of leadership committee members and the letter signed by Frank Lee and Eric Nunez, California Police Chiefs Association’s president, published on the state ballot handbook, against the other side’s deceptive statements.

Suffice it to say, it is about time we have this proposition to solve the colossal problems of Prop 47 and Prop 57.  Please definitely vote Yes on Prop 20 and tell everybody to do the same.  This is very crucial for California. 

Leadership Committee Members List Rebuttal Statement in support of Prop 20
dominickleeVote Yes on Prop 20 to stop serial theft and violent crime