Formed a national coalition in 24 hours to take care of the “Dog House” case unprecedentedly


There was a 6-minute radio program by WFNY in New York, a CBS radio station, with serious sexual harassment and racial discrimination content. The DJs called a Chinese restaurant, using discriminatory language to harass the waitresses, and then even sexually harassing them. This was in “Dog House” program and was aired twice in April of 2007. This has caused an outrage all over the country.

After a nationwide campaign by civil rights groups from across the country, CBS Radio disclosed on 5/11/07 that the two hosts of the program and their producer would no longer be working for CBS and its affiliates. The show was also canceled. It was unprecedented in the United States that a major broadcasting corporation reacted to the demands of Chinese civil rights groups in such a manner.

This case should have alerted the media that programs with such racist and sexist content will not be tolerated and that racial discrimination and sexual harassment must be stopped!

We applaud the good efforts of our east coast partners especially Organization of Chinese Americans. We took the lead in the west coast especially the national petition of which more than 10,000 signatures were generated in 4 days. We actually formed a national coalition for this case in 24 hours.

This case illustrates the importance of determination and unity in the community. We sincerely thank every member, supporter, and organization that has contributed to this nationwide campaign.

dominickleeFormed a national coalition in 24 hours to take care of the “Dog House” case unprecedentedly