Successfully stop the elimination of family reunion immigration categories


We must continue to demand federal legislators to stop the elimination of family reunion immigration categories in immigration reform. We have been successful so far, but must continue with our efforts along this line. We are really concerned since they propose that family reunion immigration categories, exactly siblings and married children over 31 (90,000 visas annually or 40% of the total family reunion immigration visas), be eliminated at the expense of legal residents especially Asian Americans.

We urge all Americans to fight against the revival of this inhumane, unjust, and anti-family proposal. It is indeed inhumane and cruel to force families to be separated permanently. For some families, there are no more parents, just siblings. Stunningly, the current Congress proposal even includes terminating the immigration rights of the petitioners or applicants whose petitions have been accepted by the U.S. Government and have been waiting in line for many years. This is absolutely barbaric and unacceptable!!

The ability to have family reunion eventually, moreover, is one of the biggest advantages that the United States has in attracting foreign talents to immigrate to here. Human beings have feelings and like to stay together with families.

Asian Americans are still in the process of immigration and use 40% or more of the family reunion immigration visas. The elimination proposal is unjust and discriminatory, and will lead to a considerable decline in the number of Asian immigrants to the United States. That will disastrously destroy Asian Americans’ population growth, businesses, jobs, governmental funding and political power. It is the worst attack on Asian Americans in recent history!

In addition, federal legislators plan to increase the number of immigration visas for high-tech workers by 400% to about 250,000 per year, it will seriously plague our future generations in high-tech and related jobs. Many new immigrants will come from other countries without a job here, creating job instability and salary reduction for current legal residents in the future! Stopping the elimination of family based immigration visas will lead to the stoppage of the huge increase in high tech immigration visas since the two are directly related.

The imminent immigration reform or amnesty will also send a signal to the whole world that the United States of America will grant amnesty to illegal immigrants periodically. The last time was 1986.

Despite our success so far, we need to continue to urge our federal legislators to steer clear of eliminating family reunion immigration categories in immigration reform. Otherwise, the result will be catastrophic!

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dominickleeSuccessfully stop the elimination of family reunion immigration categories